CRUX ports

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
2bwmgit-50a9ca3-1A fast floating WM written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm2021-09-03
beep1.3-2beep is a command line tool for linux that beeps the PC speaker2021-09-03
bmake20200212-1BSD version of make(1)2021-09-03
btpd0.16-2BitTorrent client with serverĀ/client architecture2021-09-03
cagegit-0d85c16-2A kiosk compositor for wayland2021-09-03
cgogit-0162380-2minimal gopher client2021-09-03
colorsgit-8edb183-3extract dominant colors from pictures2021-09-03
containers1.4-1Linux containers implementation2021-09-03
creep0.31-3a pretty sweet 4px wide pixel font2021-09-03
cwm5.6-2a window manager for X11 initially inspired by evilwm2021-09-03
dtach0.8-2Emulates the detach feature of screen2021-09-03
dwarffortress0.40.10-2A single player fantasy game2021-09-03
elftoolchaingit-9617fab-2BSD licensed ELF toolchain2021-09-03
farbfeld2-0imagefile conversion tools2021-09-03
fcount0.3-3Simple file counter2021-09-03
fdm1.9-1Fetch and Deliver Mails2021-09-03
filter_audiogit-ada2f4f-2An easy to use audio filtering library made from webrtc code.2021-09-03
girara0.1.9-2A library that implements a user interface that focuses on simplicity and minimalism2021-09-03
gohufont2.0-2A bitmap font for programming and terminal use, in two sizes2021-09-03
hsetroot1.0.5-2A tool which allows you to compose wallpapers for X2021-09-03
humangit-daecb7e-2Make byte numbers human readable2021-09-03
ioq3git-e7a7a2b6-2ioquake3 is a free software (GPLv2+) first person shooter engine.2021-09-03
ldm0.6.2-2A lightweight device mounter, with libudev as only dependency2021-09-03
lelgit-c34f994-2suckless farbfeld image viewer2021-09-03
lemonbargit-35183ab-4bar ain't recursive - A lighweight xcb based bar2021-09-03
libcaca0.99.beta18-2Graphic library that outputs text instead of pixels2021-09-03
libowfat0.31-1Reimplementation of libdjb2021-09-03
libressl3.3.4-1Version of the TLS/crypto stack forked from OpenSSL2021-09-30
libsodium1.0.18-1a modern, easy-to-use software library for encryption, decryption, signatures, password hashing and more2021-09-03
libsoxr0.1.2-1The Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs2021-09-03
libtermkey0.19-2Library for easy processing of keyboard entry froprograms2021-09-03
libwmgit-d10dc9e-2A small library for X window manipulation2021-09-03
lpeg1.0.2-2A pattern-matching library for Lua2021-09-03
mbsyncgit-2351356-2mailbox synchronizer2021-09-03
mcrypt2.6.4-2MCrypt is a replacement for the old crypt() package and crypt(1) command, with extensions2021-09-03
mehgit-69f653a-3A minimal image viewer using raw Xlib2021-09-03
mhash0.9.9.9-2A library that provides a uniform interface to several hash algorithms2021-09-03
mk0.1-2plan9 make2021-09-03
mkbgit-55b2989-2a simple bar maker2021-09-03
mktorrent1.1-1command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files2021-09-03
moreutilsgit-859c6e4-2unix tools that nobody thought to write long ago2021-09-03
mumble-client1.2.10-1Voice chat application (client only!)2021-09-03
noicegit-bfe589a-2small file browser (git version)2021-09-03
opentrackergit-6411f15-1Open bittorrent tracker based on libowfat2021-09-03
pcc20200310-1a small, simple, fast and understandable C99 compiler2021-09-03
pcc-libs20200310-1libraries for the Portable C compiler2020-11-04
pickgit-44ffceb-1fuzzy select anything2021-09-03
profontx11-2ProFont is a monospaced font created to be a most readable font for programming2021-09-03
progress0.9-2Linux tool to show progress for cp, rm, dd, ...2021-09-03
prout0.2-2Print out documents via the default CUPS printer2020-11-04
quake3-1.32egit-bd88c4f-1An improved client for playing Quake 3 Arena mods2021-09-03
ratoxgit-2ba1220-1FIFO based tox client (git version)2021-09-03
rclone1.52.2-0rsync for cloud storage2021-09-03
sadgit-001953c-1Simple audio daemon2021-09-03
sauerbraten2013_02_03_collect_edition-3Cube 2 - Sauerbraten is a free multiplayer singleplayer first person shooter.2021-09-03
sauerbraten-data2013_02_03_collect_edition-2Cube 2 - Sauerbraten is a free multiplayer singleplayer first person shooter - Data files2021-09-03
sentgit-2649e8d-1Simple plaintext presentation tool.2021-09-03
siji-fontgit-c691f20-2Iconic bitmap font based on stlarch2021-09-03
skroll0.6-2Scroll text to stdout2020-11-04
slmenu7e74fa5db73e-1Single-line menu for the console2020-11-04
snarf7.0-2a command line resource grabber2021-09-03
sndio1.2.0-1Small audio and MIDI framework2021-09-03
sobgit-377313c-2simple output bar (git version)2021-09-03
sox14.4.2-1The Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs2021-09-03
ssh-askpass1.2.4.1-1X11-based passphrase dialog for ssh2021-09-03
steghide0.5.1-4A steganography program that is able to hide data in various kinds of image- and audio-files2021-09-03
stlarch_font1.5-2Font with icons for status bar2021-09-03
tarsnap1.0.39-1Online backups for the truly paranoid2021-09-03
teeworlds0.7.4-1A retro multiplayer shooter2021-09-03
termboxgit-a04f34c-2a simple and clean ncurses alternative (git version)2021-09-03
tesseract2014_05_12_first_edition_linux-2Tesseract is a first-person shooter game derived from Cube22021-09-03
tesseract-data2014_05_12_first_edition_linux-2Tesseract is a first-person shooter game derived from Cube2 - Data files2021-09-03
thinglaunch2.4-2A simple graphical application launcher for X112021-09-03
thingmenu0.8-2A simple graphical menu launcher for X112021-09-03
tinc1.0.36-1a Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon2021-09-03
toilet0.3-2TOIlet is an attempt to create a free replacement for FIGlet2021-09-03
toxcoregit-bf69b54f-1Tox is a free (as in liberty and price) peer to peer, distributed, multimedia messenger. (git version)2021-09-03
toxcore-toktokgit-25a56c35-1Tox is a free (as in liberty and price) peer to peer, distributed, multimedia messenger. (git version)2021-09-03
txtwgit-ec95bad-2Return the pixel width of the given strings for the given font2021-09-03
umlet12.2-2Free UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams (stand-alone version)2020-11-04
unibilium1.2.0-2a terminfo parsing library2021-09-03
urxvt-perls2.1-2Perl extensions for the urxvt-unicode terminal emulator2021-09-03
utoxgit-9a5cee51-2A lightweight Tox client (git version)2021-09-03
v4l-utils1.12.3-1Userspace tools and conversion library for Video 4 Linux2021-09-03
vimbgit-14e6120-1the vim like browser (git version)2021-09-03
visgit-1a958f2-1a vim like text editor2021-09-03
wendy1.0-0directory watcher based on inotify2020-11-04
wiogit-237d760-2A rio-like wayland compositor (z3bra fork)2021-09-03
wmutilsgit-d71d5b2-1window manipulation tools (git version)2021-09-03
wmutils-optgit-140f467-2window manipulation tools (git version)2021-09-03
xbindkeys1.8.6-2A fast floating WM written over the XCB library and derived from mcwm2021-09-03
xclock1.0.7-2Xorg clock2021-09-03
xscreenshotgit-f6c6ca5-2suckless screen capture tool (git version)2021-09-03
yank1.2.0-2Yank terminal output to clipboard2021-09-03
yggdrasil0.4.0-1end-t-end encrypted ipv6 network2021-09-03
zathura0.2.7-2zathura is a highly customizable and functional document viewer.2021-09-03
zathura-pdf-poppler0.2.5-2adds PDF support to zathura by using the poppler rendering engine2021-09-03
zathura-ps0.2.2-2adds PS support to zathura2021-09-03

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